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PB-50 Produce Bulk Bagger


The JMC PB-50 Produce Bulk Bagger is a next generation automated stainless steel bagging system. The PB-50 can open and fill all types pre-made wicketted bags, including: poly, paper or mesh. The bagger will adjust to fill bags of varying sizes using its integral volumetric feeder. The filled bag is automatically presented along the takeaway conveyor into the optional Fuseaire 4 Hot Air Sealer, or other type of closing device.


  • Saves on manual labour
  • Fully automatic
  • Fast bag changeover
  • Proven technology and reliable performance
  • Customizable to suit multiple applications & bag types
  • Machine sets bagging pace
  • Fast ROI payback


  • OMRON P.L.C. with ethernet IP and touch screen
  • Bilingual menus
  • Epoxy coated painted frame
  • Adjustable bag wicket
  • Works with poly, paper and mesh bags
  • Integrated “hands-free” feeding to closing device
  • Bag Sense, “no bag, no dump”, ensures bag is in place avoiding spills
  • NEMA 4 electrically certified control panel with dual channel safety
  • Motorized Bag Saddle Conveyor (150 fpm)
  • High speed intermediate takeaway conveyor with bag top transfer and feeding device
  • High speed bag support conveyor
  • Powered conveyor and chute for product delivery to bag
  • 2 year limited product warranty on parts


  • JMC FuseAire 4 Hot Air Sealer(trimmer available)
  • Fully integrated “swing away” sewing head option
  • JMC Bag Kicker with longer T.A.C. to accommodate palletizer
  • Mobility Kit
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Epoxy powder baked finish


  • Produce


POWER: 230/460 volt 3 PH. 60 Hz (min. 208 V)
AIR: 4 CFM @ 80 PSI
CAPACITY: 50+ lbs.


Download PDF Brochure for the PB-50 Produce Bulk Bagger.