Automatic Master Carrot Baler


The JMC Adjustable Automatic Master Carrot Baler is an automated bagging system which gently counts, accumulates and packs pre-packaged bags of carrots into Poly Master Bags/Bales. Once filled the Master Bags are automatically moved via a conveyor in an upright position to be closed/sealed.

The system can be interfaced with most automatic closing devices, is compatible with all product bag types. The JMC “Space Saver” Incline Conveyor provides a compact footprint and the optional “Automatic Bypass” makes it ideal for loose stacking.

The system packs carrot bags anging in size from 1 lbs to 10 lbs. at a rate of up to 70 product bags per minute depending on product weight.



POWER: 230 volt 3 PH. 60 Hz
AIR: 10 CFM @ 80 PSI


Download PDF Brochure for the Automatic Master Carrot Baler.


  • OMRON P.L.C. (programmable logic controller)
  • User Friendly Touchscreen
  • Infeed mechanism & discharge gates
  • Bale pusher with bag transport grippers
  • Bag Sense “no bag, no dump”
  • Bag inflation system
  • Two way adjustable accumulating chamber
  • Handles 3 – 20 lbs product bags
  • Works with poly and paper master bags
  • Variable speed accelerator conveyor assembly with JMC Space Saver Incline
  • Product decelerator to eliminate bounce
  • NEMA 12 electrical “swing-away” control panel with interloc
  • Motorized Bag Saddle Conveyor (150 fpm)
  • High speed intermediate take away conveyor with horizontal alignment
  • One year limited warranty


  • Master Bags are filled more gently than hand baling with JMC’s specially designed padding, air cylinder dampening and computer controlled deceleration
  • Fully automated with “hands-free” closing to help save on manual labor
  • Bag Sense ensures Master Bag is in place (and open) before releasing the product bags
  • Filled bags are positively controlled to avoiding spilling
  • Uniform Master Bags ensure easier palletizing, saving warehouse space
  • Dependable, easy to use controls ensures minimum downtime & a short operator learning curve
  • Proven technology with over 500 Master Balers currently in operation



  • Carrots