Featured Products

Master Baler

Automatically accumulates, fills and seals paper, poly or mesh master bags.

Bulk Ice Bagger

Fully automated stainless steel bagger designed to open and fill wicketted poly bags.

Wicketted Bagging

Integrated bagging and sealing system for pre-made poly & laminate bags.

Palletizing Systems

Robotic palletizing solutions custom designed per specific customer needs.

FuseAire 4 Hot Air Sealer

Simple, user friendly system which utilizes compressed hot air to seal bags closed.

Master Carrot Baler

Automated bagging system which gently counts, accumulates and packs pre-packaged poly, paper or mesh bags into Master Bags/Bales.

For over 70 years the Johnsen family has been engaged in the design and manufacturing of quality machinery. Company founder Hugo Johnsen immigrated from Denmark to Canada in the late 1950′s and established the Johnsen Machine Company.

JMC has maintained an ongoing commitment to investing in R&D which has resulted in 12 patents being awarded to the Company. We design and build our equipment in-house, as well as partner with other industry leading manufacturers.

Packagers today find labour is difficult to find and costly to manage. At the same time, the marketplace is demanding innovative and creative packaging. Our equipment has the flexibility to cost effectively meet many packaging challenges!