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JMC Automation In Packaging

JMC Automation in Packaging (formerly known as JMC Packaging Equipment) is a leading international supplier of automated packaging equipment & bagging systems. JMC provides a range of sorting, bulk bagging & sealing systems for a variety of industries and applications, including: ice, potatoes, carrots, produce/foods & other loose products.

JMC’s team of engineering and machine fabricators design and build all their equipment in-house. With over 30 years of experience in designing and building flexible packaging solutions, they have the expertise to provide “Turn Key” solutions specifically designed to meet each customer’s requirements and processes.

JMC Automation in Packaging offers:

• Bulk Ice Baggers
• Produce Bagging Systems
• Automated Bagging and Sealing System for poly bags
• Master Baling Systems
• Potato Baling Systems
• Carrot Baling Systems
• Robotic Palletizing Systems
• Complete “Turn Key” automated packaging systems

The JMC Advantage

Packagers today find labour is difficult to find and costly to manage. At the same time, the marketplace is demanding innovative and creative packaging. Our equipment has the flexibility to cost effectively meet many packaging challenges!

JMC has maintained an ongoing commitment to investing in R&D which has resulted in 12 patents being awarded to the Company. We design and build our equipment in-house, as well as partner with other industry leading manufacturers, allowing us to assure our customers of the following:

• Complete all-encompassing and innovative, “Turn Key” solutions providing Packaging Systems from start to finish.
• Total quality control of all components, both those fabricated in house and those out-sourced.
• Availability of replacement parts with our full “on the shelf” inventory parts are just hours away from your plant with available expedited service.
• After sales support and technical assistance with our full service and “Remote Log-In capabilities.
• With our full service Engineering Department, the ability to customize and modify equipment to suit individual requirements and processes offers our customers unique and fully custom solutions.

History of JMC

For over 70 years the Johnsen family has been engaged in the design and manufacturing of quality machinery. Company founder Hugo Johnsen immigrated from Denmark to Canada in the late 1950′s and established the Johnsen Machine Company, in a one-door garage in Burlington, Ontario, just west of Toronto.

Aware of the company’s reputation for quality and innovation, in 1984 the packaged ice industry approached Johnsen Machine Company to develop the first automatic master ice baler. This was Johnsen Machine Company’s first entry into the Packaging Industry. Shortly thereafter JMC Packaging Equipment division was formed. That first master baler proved itself to be a highly reliable, labour-saving machine operating in a challenging environment. Today, most of the 500 of these machines that have been built still operate and save money daily for their operators. Our line of machines has grown since that first Baler but all are built with the same high degree of quality and performance as the original Automatic Master Baler. Our equipment is in use all over North America, as well as Australasia, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. Many of our customers state that the “JMC” is the best piece of equipment in their plant!

JMC Automation in Packaging Equipment original Tool & Machine Shop with founder Hugo Johnsen

Original location (1950’s) and Hugo Johnsen (Founder) Milestones:

  • 1961 – Johnsen Tool and Machine Company founded.
  • 1969 – Incorporated as Johnsen Machine Company Limited.
  • 1984 – Relocated to the present building location.
  • 1984 – Designed, built, sold, and installed first Baler into the Ice Industry.
  • 1985 – Formed JMC Packaging Equipment, a division of Johnsen Machine Company.
  • 1992 – Issued Canadian and US patent for Baler with Adjustable Chute.
  • 1993 – Formed Johnsen Ultravac.
  • 1993 – Issued USA Patent for FuseAire Bag Closing Machine.
  • 1993 – Issued USA Patent for Bag Handling Machine.
  • 1994 – Issued Canadian Patent for FuseAire Bag Closing Machine.
  • 1994 – Issued Canadian Patent for High Speed Baling Machine.
  • 1996 – Issued USA Patent for High Speed Baling Machine.
  • 1996 – Issued Canadian Patent for Bag Handling Machine.
  • 2000 – Ole Johnsen took over as President of Johnsen Machine Company and all divisions.
  • 2003 – Issued US Patent for WBS Wicketed Bagger and Sealer.
  • 2010 – Issued Canadian Patent for WBS Wicketed Bagger and Sealer.
  • 2012 – Sold 1000th packaging machine.
  • 2013 – Issued US patent for Automated Palletizer System and Method, Canadian patent applied for.
  • 2013 – Issued US patent for Bag Turning Machine, Canadian patent applied for.
  • 2014 – 500th Baler sold.
  • 2014 – Changed name from “JMC packaging equipment” to “JMC Automation in Packaging” to better reflect our evolution in the packaging industry.
  • 2016 – Hulleman Industries acquires Johnsen Machine