“Sea Isle Ice has been a JMC customer for 23 years…Have since added 3 more JMC Balers, 4 FuseAire™ Hot Air Sealers and a JMC Robotic Palletizing System. Every addition of JMC equipment has increased my productivity and efficiency while reducing my labour costs.”Joe Romano Jr., Sea Isle Ice

“…Our newly purchased JMC Palletizing System was delivered on time, completed as scheduled with no surprises along the way or extra costs…JMC equipment does not cost us money, it makes us money.”Robert Leck, Robbins Ice

“JMC has always been there for MR. ICEMAN…We have experienced that JMC always took care of our needs. They do international service calls, have multi language staff, great spare parts inventory and can ship in a days notice.”Jack Stensland, MR. ICEMAN, Norway

“I have found the JMC Bagger to be a robust, well-engineered machine. We have had great success and longevity running the bagger in our meatball operation. JMC is very responsive to our parts and technical needs. The tooling and custom parts they designed make the job of filling and sealing wicketted bags possible at the high speeds we run.”Liam Nestler, Costco Wholesale Meats
” In the spring of 2010, we purchased from JMC; 2 Balers, 2 FuseAire™ Hot Air Sealers and a JMC Robotic Palletizing System. I’m very happy to report that all equipment is functioning as expected and has been a time, labor, and cost saving addition to our facility. Aside from the expected wear items (pneumatic cylinders, belts, bearings), we have not had to replace or repair any major component, on any of the aforementioned items. Both balers are operating at full capacity, as I write this, and have filled and sealed millions of bales over the past few years, with very minimal downtime due to repair or maintenance. The main reason we choose JMC, for our equipment upgrade in 2010, is their reputation for quality and longevity, and we have not been disappointed.”

Christopher Morse ,Getchell Bros., Inc. - Sanford