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Automatic Master Ice Baler


The JMC Automatic Bulk Ice Bagger is a fully automatic, stainless steel bagger designed to open and fill pre-made wicketted poly bags. The bagger will adjust to fill 16 to 40 pounds of ice using its integral volumetric feeder. The filled bag is automatically presented along the takeaway conveyor into the optional Fuseaire 4 Hot Air Sealer, or other type of clThe JMC Adjustable Automatic Master Ice Baler is an automated bagging system which gently counts, accumulates and packs pre-packaged bags of ice into Master Bags/Bales. Once filled the Master Bags are automatically moved via a conveyor in an upright position to be closed/sealed.

The system can be interfaced with most automatic closing devices and is compatible with most standard ice bag sizes. The JMC “Space Saver” Incline Conveyor provides a compact footprint and the optional “Automatic Bypass” makes it ideal for loose stacking.

The system can be customized to pack most standard ice bag sizes.


  • Master Bags are filled more gently than hand baling with JMC’s specially designed padding, air cylinder dampening and computer controlled deceleration
  • Fully automated with “hands-free” closing to help save on manual labor
  • Bag Sense ensures Master Bag is in place (and open) before releasing the product bags
  • Filled bags are positively controlled to avoiding spilling
  • Uniform Master Bags ensure easier palletizing, saving warehouse space
  • Dependable, easy to use controls ensures minimum downtime & a short operator learning curve
  • Proven technology with over 500 Master Balers currently in operation


  • OMRON P.L.C. (programmable logic controller)
  • User Friendly Touchscreen
  • Infeed mechanism & discharge gates
  • Bale pusher with bag transport grippers
  • Bag Sense “no bag, no dump”
  • Bag inflation system
  • Two way adjustable accumulating chamber
  • 4 standard fixed width magazine sides – choose between 7″ and 10″ model type
  • Variable speed accelerator conveyor assembly with JMC Space Saver Incline
  • NEMA 12 electrical “swing-away” control panel with interloc
  • Motorized Bag Saddle Conveyor (150 fpm)
  • High speed intermediate take away conveyor
  • Two year limited warranty


  • JMC 90˚ Drag Turn conveyor
  • Automatic Bypass System with access ladder, bypass conveyor, and discharge chute
  • Warning systems
  • JMC FuseAire 4 Hot Air Sealer(trimmer available)
  • Takeaway guides (front and rear)
  • Horizontal Alignment conveyor
  • Bale kickers
  • Stainless steel frame, conveyor & components
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Turnkey robotic palletizing systems


  • Packaged Ice


POWER: 230/460/550 volt 3 ph.60 hz (208 volts minimum)
AIR: 5 CFM @ 80 PSI
CAPACITY: Up to 10 Master bags per minute (see your representative)


Download PDF Brochure for the  Adjustable Master Ice Baler.