Company Profile

JMC Automation in Packaging (formerly known as JMC Packaging Equipment) is a leading international supplier of automated packaging equipment & bagging systems. JMC provides a range of sorting, bulk bagging & sealing systems for a variety of industries and applications, including: ice, potatoes, carrots, produce/foods & other loose products.

JMC’s team of engineering and machine fabricators design and build all their equipment in-house. With over 30 years of experience in designing and building flexible packaging solutions, they have the expertise to provide “Turn Key” solutions specifically designed to meet each customer’s requirements and processes.

JMC Automation in Packaging offers:

Company Structure

JMC Automation in Packaging is a division of Johnsen Machine Company Limited, located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.   The company is overseen by Ole Johnsen, President and son of the company founder, who continues the tradition of excellence and technological innovation in design.  

Johnsen Ultravac - Sister Division to JMC

Johnsen Ultravac designs and manufactures high-tech precision vacuum technology for the world’s telecommunications giants, and research facilities of leading universities and pharmaceutical companies around the world. Click on,, to view this precision equipment, knowing that our packaging equipment is built by the same skilled technicians!