1 Year Release of AB-3000HS-CB Automatic Master Carrot Baler

Bcreative Automated Packaging Equipment

JMC is pleased to announce the 1 year anniversary of the release of the AB3000HS-CB Automatic Master Carrot Baler. This, the first Carrot Baler seen on the market, has now been in production for one year this month. Another first for JMC, leaders in the packaging industry for Bagging, Baling and Palletizing.

Standard Features

  • Omron PLC with Ethernet IP
  • Omron Colour Touch Screen
  • Bilingual Menus
  • White Epoxy Coated Painted Frame
  • Infeed Mechanism with Divider
  • Variable Speed Incline/Accelerator Conveyor Assembly
  • Bale Pusher with Bag Transport Grippers
  • Automatic, “hand-free”, Feeding to Closing Device
  • Bag Sense, “no bag, no dump”, ensures Master Bag is in place
  • Bag Inflation System
  • Two-way Adjustable Accumulating Chamber
  • Live Driven Accelerator Conveyor Bag Guides
  • JMC Space Saver Incline Conveyor
  • Bag Saddle Deceleration with Air Cylinder Dampening
  • Swing Away Control Panel
  • Motorized Bag Saddle Conveyor
  • High-speed Intermediate Takeaway Conveyor with Bag Top Gripping Conveyor
  • Voltage 230/460 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Hz
  • Other voltages available at additional cost
  • Nema 4 Electrically Certified Control Panel with Dual Channel Safety
  • 2 year Limited Product Warranty on Parts


1 Lb Carrot
2 Lb Carrot
3 Lb Carrot
5 Lb Carrot
10 Lb Carrot

Single Bag Rate

65-70 bags per minute
65-70 bags per minute
55 bags per minute
55 bags per minute
45 bags per minute

Bale Rate

2-2.5 bales per minute
2.75-3.13 bales per minute
3.4 bales per minute
4.5 bales per minute
8 bales per minute